Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy Salad

I will never get used to the insane sizes of everything at costco. I find them endlessly entertaining. Is it just me? Do you find it overwhelming seeing the massiveness of it all? We got a huge jar of olives, roast capsicums, 3 huge bags of lettuce, spinach, rocket, more yummy fruit and veg I can't remember.. multi colour pack of whiteboard markers (the art teacher has to have a pretty board!) and some new gym clothes (pants, top and skorts). Did you know whiteboard markers work on mirrors and the fridge too?! I didn't but I do now... mwhahah I feel like a 3yr old drawing on the walls.
I made a nice bright happy salad with my costco haul...

Bright Happy Salad

5 olives
8 cherry tomatoes
handful of baby spinach
handful of rocket
spoon of roast capsicum slices
3 baby capsicums
1 stalk of celery
Spray of braggs seasoning
  • Rinse olives and capsicum well (get rid of some of the salt)
  • chop everything and enjoy!
I'm also making veggie stock so I can have some soups and easy sauce bases. I just chucked everything in the pressure cooker... no idea how it will turn out but I'll let you know. Its smells good, that's got to be a good sign?

Ingredients (so far)..
6 bay leaves
1 tsp rosemary
6 carrots
6 sticks of celery
4 tsp organic stock powder
12 cups water (3L)

Hope you're all having a good first of the month! xxx
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  1. That is such a beautiful salad! It's so colorful.


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