Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gardening minus the garden!

Life has been work work work with a side of work at home and some dream about work! Teaching rounds are a LOT of work.. and paperwork. But the kids are gorgeous and I'm learning lots so thats got to be a good thing! I've been given some feedback I don't agree with though... I've been told I need to act like I know everything and get angry and yell to scare students. I see nothing wrong with students knowing I'm human and learn continually as opposed to being the fountain of all knowledge.. or keeping my temper and using consequences rather than fear to alter behaviours. Why should I get angry if they have chosen not to clean up before the bell and waste their recess cleaning up the classroom? They'll learn and clean up before the bell next lesson, no drama. What do you all think? 

Anyway- in the 1/4 of my weekend that wasn't taken up by work I did some gardening & spent time with the other half. I was spoilt rotten- we invested in a mini compost bin because it turns my stomach to throw out food scraps, we didn't think it was possible as we're in an apartment but low and behold we found a mini indoor one that uses a kind of mulch and isn't supposed to smell- I guess we'll see! if its bad we can just relocate it to the balcony with all the lovely plants. We also got a cute watering can because I've been using a bottle until now and it tends to shift all the soil around. And last but not least we got a mushroom growing kit!!! I'm so excited! They're swiss brown mushrooms. I can't wait till they appear, it will be such great fun to pick my own- I love mushrooms but we can't afford them too often so hopefully this will be enough to keep me going... now I've just got to wait a month for them to start popping out! ok- now some photos of my mini balcony garden!
Side view of the greenery
All my mini pots
 Mint, Parsley and the Coriander-parsley hybrid that accidentally happened... tastes good though!
 Oregano, Peas and Coriander
 Blueberries (although I'm yet to see any), Strawberry plant looking a little worse for wear and Bay tree
 Mini Pansies
More pretty mini pansies
Cute and useful watering can!
Food post next time I promise- Hope you're all well and smiley xxx
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  1. Your mini garden is beautiful. Its often recommended to have two blueberry plant so that they can cross pollinate, but even so it takes a few years before it fruits. I hope your plants reward you well.


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