Friday, July 15, 2011

Vegetable Hot Pot

Food's been a struggle recently (here's to honesty?) I've either eaten too many carbs, skipped meals entirely or got halfway through a meal and lost interest because it wasn't what I really wanted... something's definitely been off recently but I'm determined not to let it get me down. I've been trying hard to stick to my plan but its just not working. 

I think I need to make the breakfasts smaller and remember/force myself to eat 3 meals a day. Easier said than done. On the up side I've made it 50+ days without binge eating and getting out of control! YAY for that :) I have been contemplating making myself 
photograph and post everything I eat- like lindsay's 'what I ate wednesdays' so I don't end up with too little or too much...but that might be a bit too much every day- what do you think?

Tonights dinner was warm, nourishing and filling without being too heavy. Its nothing earth shattering but a combination of everything left in the house before tomorrows shopping trip...
Vegetable Hot Pot
Makes 2 serves
1 big field mushroom
handful dried shitake mushrooms
handful dried king oyster mushrooms
handful dried seaweed
2 bunches chinese spinach
1 big carrot
1.5 tbsp miso paste
4 cups hot water (more if needed)
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp chinese vinegar
2 tsp roast sesame oil
Sprinkles (flax seeds, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds)
  • chop veggies
  • combine miso, water, vinegar, soy and sesame oil
  • bring to the boil then add dried mushrooms and carrot
  • when tender add fresh mushrooms and spinach
  • cook for 4 mins or until tender
  • stir through seaweed
  • Sprinkle with seeds and enjoy!
I've been looking into Intuitive eating lately... and considering chucking the scales. Very much inspired by JL's new blog Stop Chasing Skinny. The thought of giving up that control scares me because every time I've stopped weighing myself in the past I've gained weight... even if I have been happier overall. The fact is I still need to shrink, I just need to find a way to do it without driving myself or others insane (you know, counting every calorie, weighing all food etc) I like not counting calories and just watching portion sizes... maybe if I can get this working then I can trust it enough to give up the scales? If anyone has any advice/tips feel free to share them- I'm willing to listen to anything that might help- or anything in general!

I hope you're all going well and appreciating your own unique true beauty, 
All the best xxx
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  1. This looks postiively delicious and healthy to boot.

    I'm afriad I can't offer youany advice. I've never been one to count calories. I've always been content with my body. But saying that its since losing my job (abotu 6 months now) the weight has be piling on faster than ever, that I am concerned - my issue is lack of exercise, so I need to start shifting this body a lot more, rather than cutting down on what I eat.
    Wish you well.


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