Thursday, March 24, 2011

Healthy Desserts

I'm sorry I don't have images, but I wasn't about to eat them all just to take them! I've just put down anything I can think of, if you'd like a more detailed recipe with a photo of any of them just let me know which one(s) and I'll get on it (it may take a little bit)... I've noticed most of my deserts are fruity... I hope you like fruit.

Nut balls= ground nuts like almonds/walnuts/macadamias etc, stevia, spices/flavours (seriously whatever you think will taste good, cocoa & orange, blueberry & lime, lemon/orange, vanilla, etc), chia or flax seeds, water to combine. Blitz them, then roll into balls. These taste good with bits of dried fruit/coconut etc. Also these keep well in the fridge and freezer- I find this really good for portion control because if you make a batch and keep them in the freezer you can pull just one out to defrost at a time.

Grilled fruit= works beautifully with stone fruits, pears, apples and melon. You can use spray oil if you're worried about them sticking. They taste great with a sprinkle of cocoa powder or squeeze of lemon juice or a spice like cinnamon.

Poached fruit= If you're poaching in the skin rum your knife around the fruit so it doesn't explode. If you drink you can poach in spiced wine, or you can use a flavoured sugar syrup or even a nice flavoured tea. Be creative- explore the spices that you like, using citrus rinds tastes great and even artificial essences *shudders* taste good. If you don't mind the extra calories this tastes good with nut creams (blended soaked nuts) or soy yoghurt or chocolate sauce (coconut oil and raw cocoa powder or melted dark chocolate)

Fresh fruit with cocoa powder= Selection of fresh fruit sprinkled with raw cocoa powder- this tastes good with added spices if you're game, I like chili powder or cinnamon. 

Fruit with nuts/spice mix= Selection of fresh fruit sprinkled with

Freeze dried fruit= No I don't have liquid nitrogen in the kitchen, I buy these from the health food store. In my opinion banana is the best but strawberry is also a good bet. Although I don't like the blueberries because you get blue flecks all over your fingers.
Dehydrated fruit= I like apple, tastes really good with peanut butter- so does fresh apple for that matter.

Frozen fruit= Tastes good with all fruit... and it takes longer to eat.

Ice cream= Frozen fruit blended with vegan milk, stevia and mint.

Stewed fruit= Rhubarb, berries, apples, pears, bananas, etc etc etc. Add spices, citrus rinds, herbs, wine, balsamic vinegar, anything you think will taste good!

Tea= all teas, any teas, I love teas. When I can't be bothered cooking I go for tea. A herbal tea sweetened with stevia or a creamy stronger tea with nut milk or rice milk or soy milk. I love tea. I know it looks out of place in a dessert list but seriously, don't knock it till you try it.

Kale chips= Not the most traditional dessert but still, I have them sometimes. You can buy them from the health food store but if you want to make them you blend nuts/herbs/spices/water to form a coating consistency and dredge your kale leaves through it- lay them on a baking tray and bake at a low temperature (the lowest your oven can do and then open the door and stick a wooden spoon in it) until they're dehydrated.

Oats= I'm sure you know how to make oats. Stick em in a pan with either water or vegan milk or juice. Mix through fruit or maple syrup or nuts or spices or a combination of them and enjoy. Oats will fill you up and satisfy your sweet tooth.

Raw cookies= Using dry oats and nuts blended with water or dates and spices or flavourings like the nut balls. You roll these into balls then squash them so they look like cookies.

Spicy nuts= Stick your nut of choice (I usually go for almonds) in a pan and add the spices of your choice (I like chili powder, garam marsarla, coriander powder, cumin powder etc) with some spray oil and roast them for a few minutes.

Sweet nuts= Same as the above except using sweet spices (cinnamon, nutmeg etc) and a little maple syrup or rice malt.

Chia pudding= Soak chia seeds for a few hours or overnight in vegan milk & sweetener. I like mine with vanilla but you can use whatever flavouring you like! Chia seeds make like a gel that will fill you up for ages.

Smoothies= Any fruit, vegan milk, any flavours/herbs/spices you like, ice cubes (or frozen banana!) blend and enjoy- if you don't finish it just stick it in the freezer and have it as ice cream the next night.

Avocado ice cream= Avocado, cocoa powder, stevia, peanut butter, vanilla extract, mix it well and pop it in the freezer for a couple of hours- if you leave it in longer than that you'll need to let it defrost a little before you eat it was it goes quite hard. You can also add citris zest, coconut cream, coconut oil, spices, whatever you like.

Avocado mousse= As above but refrigerated instead of frozen!

Quinoa muffins= Cooked quinoa to replace half the flour in a muffin recipe.

Fruit with dips= Selection of fresh fruit served with a dip (blended fruit or thinned down nut butters or cocoa powder & coconut oil- occasionally served warm)

Dry fried bananas= Cut the banana in half lengthwise and pop in cut side down in a non stick pan- this tastes great with cashew cream

Ice tea= Ice tea sweetened with stevia, pop some heart shaped ice blocks in and cut up some fruit and it feels like a lovely summers evening treat.

Flavoured Bubbles= Mineral water and flavouring (vanilla, strawberry, lemon, orange etc), again go with the ice cubes and fruit and you'll love it. 

Granita= blend fruit with water and stevia and pop it in the fridge for a few hours then attack it with a fork, stick it back in and then rake it with a fork before your serve it. Sorry that wasn't the most eloquent description but you get the idea...

Jelly made with agar agar= I like fruity jelly, I usually blitz a fruit (berries are yum) if you want it really smooth sieve it and use agar-agar to set the jelly, for a creamy jelly add tofu! agar-agar sets at room temperature or extremely quickly in the fridge. 

Fruit and quinoa= Quinoa cooked with water, flavoured water(lemon/orange/strawberry/vanilla etc), vegan milk or coconut milk/cream with some fruit stirred through. 

Homegrown Strawberries= This is what I've been having lately and they taste SO GOOD. Seriously amazing, nothing like the ones you buy. Everyone grow strawberries! they're in a pot on my tiny balcony- if I can do it you can too :)

If I can think of any more I'll add them but for now, thats all I've got... I hope this gives you some ideas and makes healthy food look a little more yummy! 

All the best xxx
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    PS..thank you also for your comment. It was a nice reality check! I've got to be realistic!

    I hope your Monday is going well doll..xo

  2. oh man, these all sound soo good. I really love my avocado cocoa pudding. Perfect dessert in my book. Maybe some granola on top? mmmm, yum!


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