Saturday, January 1, 2011

Curry & Indian Hummus

Apologies for the lack of posing- the christmas crazy is setting in!- we're having an early christmas tomorrow because we all seem to have two families to try to fit in so cooking planning for my first vegan christmas is a tad overwhelming...I'm so impressed by everyone who posts daily and always makes a substantial contribution to the blogosphere! I've been eating mainly raw salads and green juices- not really photographic or useful recipes anyway...

Onto the food! We've been hit with a spot of cold weather so I decided to whip up a curry. As always it tastes better on the second day and omnivores will be happy eating this hearty dish.
Creamy Root Veg Curry
Serves 6
2 cups stock
6 medium carrots
6 small potatoes
1 can coconut milk
1/2 tsp good chili powder (more if it's the supermarket one)
2 tbsp garam marsarla
1 tbsp turmeric
2 tbsp coriander
1 tbsp cumin
* Feel free to adjust spices to taste- you may need to up your quantities depending on the quality of your spices.
*And for some protein I added Kidney beans cooked with ginger to mine (husband's fussy) about 1 cup per serve, making this a wonderfully filling main meal. Do yourself a favour and get dried beans if you've got the time- they're cheaper and taste SO much better (and have less salt) they just need soaking overnight and popping in the pressure cooker for 10-15 mins!
  • If you're adding beans soak them overnight and cook
  • chop potatoes, cook in cold salted water until just tender
  • chop carrots
  • drain potatoes, add carrots, coconut milk, stock- stir and bring to simmer
  • add spices and cook out until carrots are tender
  • add beans to those who want them and stir through- enjoy! 

Indian style Hummus
2 cups chickpeas
1 tbsp tumeric
thumb size bit of ginger
2 tbsp garam marsarla
2 tbsp corriander
1 tbsp cumin
2 cups warm water
3 tbsp tahini (I made mine by hand so it wasn't as oily)
*I omitted the salt because I'm trying to cut back and I don't miss it. 
  • cook chickpeas in turmeric and ginger (remove after cooking)
  • blend chickpeas with tahini & spices
  • drizzle in warm water until you reach your desired consistency (I like mine thick so I can use it as a base for other recipes)
Hubby reckons it tastes like curried egg... which he's been missing since I turned the house veg (he eats whatever out but keeps veg at home).. I'm not so sure it does since all my curried egg memories are full of rubbish supermarket bought curry powder but if he's happy I'm happy. This tastes great in sandwiches, as a dip, thinned with water as a salad dressing or as a thickening component in other Indian flavoured recipes.

I've been eating the last of the cheap cherries this week (the rain got the rest!) I love cherries but hate the artificial cherry flavour people seem to use for confectionery .. never understood that- the difference between artificial and the real thing is insane...and Juices! I've been having lots of green juices, a mixture of whatever green leafy veg and fruit I have (watermelon and apple are great together) le-mon, ginger for a bit of zingy goodness. Plus vital green powder and noni juice... I'm loving them, I've just got to remember not to make them too sweet. 

NONI JUICE IS GREAT!!! I was highly skeptical. I did what I always do- read up on it and then try it and decide for myself. And I've got to say- after a week of having 60mls of noni in my morning juices I can say without a doubt that it makes me feel wonderful!!! I have had so much more energy, drive, passion and it has lifted my mood so much. I feel wonderful, less bloated, my perpetually upset insides have been released from their usual state of internal conflict and my skin is looking wonderful... now I know this is purely anecdotal and I'm sure there are other factors to acknowledge (the extra veg in the juice for one!) but I've had so much energy that I've been having trouble getting to sleep... I've decided to add less next week and see if I can get the same benefits. Needless to say I'm happy with my purchase. 

First off some happy news: I got my hair cut! I went from having waist length naturally sun bleached blonde straight thin hair to having just under shoulder length, layered around the face, bouncy lovely slightly darker blonde hair! It looks thicker (even though it's not!) and looks darker- you know how your lightest bits are at the end because they've seen more summers? well I like it. It's still light but the difference between the top and bottom is less drastic. I've also changed my part from being a straight side part (which made the thinness of my hair look worse because they were uneven...) to a diagonal side part- It's fun, a little different, gives me the same hair around the face shape I like and goes back on a diagonal so that both sides of my head look equally bouncy and full! It made such a great difference... so the reason I'm sharing this is because I was scared to get my hair cut (yeah, laugh away!) and I want to encourage anyone who feels similarly to go for it! even if it's just a trim and changing your part, it can make you feel wonderful!

And the round up from the last post: I did end up making the card- this was my friend's second chance- she was a shocking maid of honor at my wedding and has been awful with not accepting my decision to stop eating animals- I decided that it was time to give our relationship some space... after the wedding we didn't speak for months (after she called me up on our honeymoon to demand I sent her photos of -just her- at the wedding) so after deciding this and sending her a jumbly email trying to explain my technological failings regarding her card I made she sent me an uncharacteristically emotional reply... this woman hates affection- it's taken years for her to warm up to hugging me hello and goodbye (there aren't many friends I hug, just the special ones) so now I'm confused again... her email was beautiful and made me tear up... I don't want to loose contact completely... I just think we work better only seeing each other sporadically... maybe once a month? is that too weird?? do any of you have friends that you have that kind of relationship with?? Maybe its the married thing- having a built in best friend makes me not worry if I don't see people every weekend like I used to. Then again getting alcohol poisoning never was my idea of fun either... I guess everyone's just beautifully different.  

And... leaving the best for last!!! *drumroll*... I have had NO desire to overeat. This is big for me, I have had a problem with food for at least the last 15 years (thats the vast majority of my life) I still have a weight problem but I'm finally finding my balance.. I'm finally feeling good about food (prior to this it's been war). I've been eating healthy- not counting calories, am making sure I'm having small amounts of good fats, protein and carbs. I never thought this was possible and now I'm just praying I have the inner strength to keep it going through christmas/new year. Also husband and I have decided that we're going to try and go out for a nice day/night together and have one relaxed meal every 2 weeks (obviously still vegan for me, anything he wants but slightly higher calorie.) So I'm excited about the prospects for the new year- I hope you are too! xxx
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