Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lunch Ideas

Here are some ideas for lunches away from home:
  • Smoothies (a thermos is good for this)
  • Salads w sprinkles/dressings (you can have the dressing separately to add at the last moment- I use a baby jam jar)
  • Fruit (harder ones tend to be safer)
  • Dried Fruit
  • Nuts
  • Cooked veggies (cold or hot)
  • Raw veggies- find ones you like raw! (my faves are mushrooms, carrots, broccoli etc)
  • Left overs from last nights dinner (aka anything that tastes good cold- like beans/rice/pasta)
  • Soup (again the thermos comes in handy here)
  • Tofu with herbs/stock powder sprinkled over (tofu doesn't need to be cooked and can be eaten cold!)
  • Beans/lentils (if you're ever in a pinch a can of chickpeas can be a lifesaver!)
  • Brown rice/Quinoa/Pasta- sprinkle it with spices/herbs and it's yum
  • Sandwiches
  • Dips with veggie sticks
  • Sweet potato/baked potato
  • Muesli (depending on where you are there's usually milk in the fridge or it doesn't taste half bad with juice or water)... I know this one sounds strange but hubby loves it! I made him a tropical fruit/coconut/almond muesli and he got addicted!
Anything that takes time I will prep/cook the night before (it's usually some form of the previous nights dinner) But if I'm in a rush I'll grab the easy stuff like raw veg, fruit and a can of chickpeas. If I ever forget my lunch I'll just grab some veggies from the supermarket- there always seems to be one in walking distance! 

Hope I could give you some healthy ideas to help you avoid the junk! 
Enjoy! xxx
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  1. thank you so so much! this is the perfect post I've been looking for :) I sometimes get in a bit of trouble with lunch and end up taking the same thing for lunch for a whole week because I know it's low in calories and a safe option. now this can help with giving me variety.
    love Anafly,

  2. I used to eat corn out of the can haha.
    I freaking love corn.
    I've been obsessing over sweet potato lately and there's this great recipe in this vegetarian magazine.

    What I love about being vegetarian is that it's sooo easy to reject all that junk food!
    Love this post :) <3


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