Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I could literally live off this. I LOVE IT!!! It's protein rich and will fill you up for ages! It's the perfect dip, you can thin it down and use it as a sauce/dressing or even add it to soups/stews to thicken it and fill you up longer! Husband loves it in his sandwiches, it's great all round- a low fat, low cal version of the best dip ever! 

1 can Chickpeas (I believe they're called garbanzo beans in the US).. alternatively you can use dried chickpeas (less salt and cheaper!) but you'll need to soak the beans overnight and cook them first (a pressure cooker is a wise investment!)
1 tbsp Tahini
salt and pepper
lemon juice to taste or vinegar to taste (if you like)
approximately 1 cup warm water
Paprika ** try any spices you like! Coriander and cumin work beautifully, as does gram marsala or a good Indian chili powder.
  • Blend chickpeas (pulse at first if you like your blender)
  • Add tahini
  • Drizzle in warm water SLOWLY until you reach desired consistency
  • Season to taste and add 1 tsp paprika (or more if you like)
This recipe freezes really well so if you're generally short on cooking time make a larger batch and de-frost as needed. I made 4 times this recipe and stuck most of it in the freezer!
Enjoy!!! xxx
VictoriaCrimson- I'm so glad you like the last post! I figured there has to be something there for everyone! I've been cooking for 10+ years. I just starting writing down the combinations I like and couldn't stop! 

I have a fair few cook books, I try new things all the time and when I'm out of things I just make up new combinations or edit the old ones! 

Plus I get bored easily so variety is the spice of life! xxx
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  1. do you just eat hummus plain? because ive found that it tastes good with pita chips but its high in calories to have both, so any suggestions?

    love this blog btw. <3

  2. I love this blog, thanks so much for the posts
    I was wondering if you knew any low calorie and low fat recipes good to take to school for lunch?

  3. sofia- I use it as a vegetable dip mainly because it's so easy! I could eat it straight because it tastes SO GOOD but because I'm conscious of my calories I usually have larger quantities of veg and a small amount of hummus. I also thin it out and use it as a salad & vegetable dressing. Give them a go- they'll be much lower in cals! xxx

  4. I've heard many a great thing about the joys of hummus, but I've never tried it! I kept getting hummus and haggis confused so whenever I would hear "hummus" I thought, "...eww...who'd want to dip their chips in that!?" Thanks for the recipe! I'm going to have to fix this for family dinner some time!

  5. This has to be the best vegan dip ever.


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