Thursday, November 18, 2010

Broccoli & Mushroom Rice

This is really filling and quick to throw together and goes without saying it tastes great and is really healthy! I love mushrooms and broccoli so this is heaven for me but if you don't like them (I'm not delusional I know there are lots of you out there!)- just swap them for some other veggies! 

The basic idea is rice and veg- it'll taste good with most things, if you want something sweeter try peas/corn/carrot or if you don't like broccoli try asian greens like bok choy/choy sum/wombok. Go with what you love, use recipes as a suggestion or basic idea that you can tweak! (no one's going to take offense, don't be scared!)

Broccoli and Mushroom Rice
1 cup (cooked) brown rice- I usually do this ahead of time and let it cool so it's not gluggy
Handful of dried shitake mushrooms
2 button mushrooms
2 cups broccoli
1 cup stock
1 tbsp rice wine
1 tbsp soy sauce
  • Cook rice (can be done ahead of time)
  • Soak dried mushrooms
  • Chop mushrooms and broccoli
  • Cook in stock
  • Add rice when veg is cooked to your liking
  • Mix through soy sauce and rice wine
  • Cook until there's no remaining liquid
This makes a decent size serve, it will fill you up and makes 1 cup of rice go a long way. Hope you enjoy it! xxx
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  1. I am so, so sorry! please don't think you upset me. You did nothing of the such. Your question simply gave me an outlet to get a few things off of my chest. Furthermore, I didn't realize that you lived in Aus and things are slightly different there. I'm not trying to dissuade your current views nor the reputability of your dietitian. She seems legit and I'm seriously sorry for the miscommunication. I will continue to read your blog because your recipes are amazing. Keep up the good work! xxoo

  2. Thank you so much for your really, really long comment on my post. I needed to hear that. <3

    I was looking through your sample diets and stuff. They look really good, but you're eating a ton of food! Do you still lose weight or at least maintain the weight you want by eating all that volume?

  3. Carbs are little devils. The thing for me is like, I eat under 800 calories a day but it's filled with crappy foods. Like, I'll have a cup of dry cereal for a 100 cals or I'll have 3 cups of popcorn for 90 cals. You know? I want to try to eat healthier, you're inspiring me! My boyfriend just got inspired by his trainer too, he's on a healthy kick.

    thanks for the tip. I'll use it!! <3


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