Thursday, October 28, 2010

Frozen Fruit

I LOVE fruit in any way, shape or form and one of my summer favorites is frozen fruit! I know that some people have issue with the texture of certain fruits and this changes that- whilst being beautifully healthy and refreshing! It's also a great way to keep fruit for longer- just remember to cut it up into the size you want to eat it/peel it BEFORE you put it in the freezer! if you're too impatient (like me) they taste lovely semi-frozen too! This is SO ridiculously easy that I'm not sure it even counts as a recipe but it's so yum!
                                           Frozen Fruit Bits/Balls
You can use pretty much any fruit your heart desires! I've tried it with melon balls, mandarin/orange, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, pineapple, mango, apple, grapes, jack fruit, banana (I'm probably forgetting some!) They're ALL amazingly yummy and healthy and will last you longer than regular fresh fruit. You can even do a mixture and have frozen fruit salad!

Frozen Fruit Blocks
A perfect alternative to the crazy fluro sugar things that you can buy.
You can use any fresh juice (great for during liquid fasts) and simply freeze into ice cube trays.
Or you can use smoothies (milk or no milk) for a thicker, more filling block. Personally I prefer this way because I hate wasting the fiber in the fruit!
You can buy lots of different shapes of ice block trays (I have some cute little heart ones) - these are also great in the bigger icy pole trays!
As a side note I also find it convenient to do this with fresh lemon juice when they're in season, so I can use them in teas or in cooking.

Frozen Fruit Sorbet
For an easy peasy, healthy, yummy alternative to ice cream/gelato simply blend the frozen fruit! For more of a 'sorbet' blend the frozen fruit of your choice with a little water. Alternatively for an ice cream substitute blend with some milk!- banana is my favorite for this, I find it to be the most creamy.

I hope you all consider trying this non-recipe, it's too easy not to!! 
Enjoy xxx
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  1. yummmmm! Red grapes frozen are amazing!! haha

  2. I do these kinds of things all the time, usually just with frozen strawberries. But I just did apple/banana/herbal tea ice cubes, hope they turn out well

  3. [ Chuckles ] It's nice to know that I am not alone where the LOVE for frozen fruit is concerned.


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